Jakarta, the Indonesian capital is literally a sprawling metropolis located on the island of Java, a sea of skyscrapers and motorbikes, home to local markets, trendy cafes and historical sights. Jakarta is a dynamic and vibrant city that maintains the lead in top emerging startups hubs in Asia. Its chaotic charm and juxtapositions can be found on every street. Despite the maddening traffic and persistent blanket of smog, Jakarta has plenty of pleasant surprises, including a world-class food, amazing coffee scene and endless opportunities for networking.

Jakarta is one of the best cities to live and work in Indonesia for remote workers and digital nomads. Check out our selection of great hotels and hostels. If this is your first time looking for accommodation in the city, we recommend you book a room for a short term rental while exploring the area and finding the perfect apartment. Prices shown may be different based on room type, availability, season and discounts. Click on “Book a Room” to get the best rate with our partner Agoda.

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KINI Capsule
🇮🇩 Located in the cultural heart of Jakarta (and the 20-minute drive from the airport), KINI blends the urban convenience of the modern capsule hotel with the elegance and comfort of Indonesian tradition to provide a unique way to experience your stay in the Big Durian.​

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