We want our guests to be totally relaxed during their stay by feeling the nature and get away from all the distractions so that they feel fully rejuvenated after their visit here at Pause and Play hotel.

Therefore, we chose to step away from crowded city centers with loud pubs and bars in the city center to a quieter places with a lot of greens and plantation with the view of mountain, another beauty of Chiang Mai. Since Chiangmai is much smaller than cities like Bangkok and its roads are much less congested, it still only takes 5-10 minutes to get to the city center where best shopping malls located.

The 4-stories building’s architectural design also play a big role in achieving our mission. All of our rooms are equipped with large windows that provide good amount of natural lights. Our public spaces are such as our lobby and walk way are also designed to create the feel of spaciousness. Finally, our large open-air rooftop is perfect for chilling, reading, and enjoying the mountain breeze especially in the winter.


Deluxe Twin


Deluxe Double




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