Ho Chi Minh City, is Vietnamā€™s largest and most exciting city. Sexy neon lights, rooftop bars, sophisticated cafes, a burgeoning art and music scene, Saigon is driving Vietnam forward with its pulsating energy and vibrant startup scene. HCMC is home base for a large concentration of world expats, passionated travel bloggers, entrepreneurs and technologists who rent apartments for extended periods of time while building innovative startups or simply working remotely from coworking spaces featuring super fast free Internet connection.

Ho Chi Minhā€‹ is one of the best cities to live and work in Vietnam for remote workers and digital nomads. Check out our selection of great hotels and hostels. If this is your first time looking for accommodation in the city, we recommend you book a room for a short term rental while exploring the area and finding the perfect apartment. Prices shown may be different based on room type, availability, season and discounts. Click on “Book a Room” to get the best rate with our partnerĀ Agoda.

ā­ā­ā­ā­ Featured Residence
Poonsa Serviced Apartment
šŸ‡»šŸ‡³ We believe that there is a feeling that people who work away from home are always in the mood for: feeling at home. Making every resident in Poonsa feel that this is my second home is our ideal. We donā€™t want to be traders but want to be a part of your life, just like your family.

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